We make Quran & Arabic language easy to learn

Our mission: Simplify Quran & Arabic learning worldwide. Personalized 1-to-1 private lessons with highly qualified, native Arabic tutors. Learn Quran & Arabic Language easily and accessibly through our online platform, anytime, anywhere.

How It works


Our Individual live Classes are set up interactive classes to help your children to learn Quran & Arabic online.


Expert Male and Female tutors who are fluent in both Arabic and English.


Track your kid’s performance through our quarterly progressive reporting system.


Schedule your Arabic and Quran classes when it works for you!

We make Quran & Arabic language easy to learn

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How To Join the Class


Complete your enrollment application and let us know which program you are interested in and the date/time that best fits your busy life schedule.

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You will receive a Welcome Email with instructions to attend the class with your dedicated native Arabic speaking teacher . Free Trial 100%

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Complete your subscription using your preferred method of payment: Pay with PayPal, Credit Card or by money transfer (WesternUnion). money back Guarantee , Change your Teacher anytime

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Students and teachers meet in a virtual classroom. Colorful visual materials, exciting topics, interactive exercises, drawing and games - everything here works for learning and involvement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the number of students per class

A: All classes are individual, the teacher is with only one student.

Q: The date of classes

A: During registration for the program, you will be able to choose the dates of classes from among the available days and times, and we assure you of our keenness to provide suitable times for children and their parents.

Q: The language used in classes

A: Arabic and English are available and the student can choose the language that suits him for classes.

Q: Duration of classes

A: When you subscribe, you can choose that the duration of the class is 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes as desired.

Q: The target age group of the program

A: The age group is between 4-12

Q: Is the guardian allowed to attend a session with their children?

A: You can monitor classes remotely, but without appearing in the camera or talking because the voices will distract the student. The academy team also noted that some students are ashamed to participate and talk when one of the parents of students is present during classes. The screen cannot be monitored by male parents (Because some of our teachers are veiled and the veil is lifted during class).

Q: What does my son need to attend classes?

A: A laptop, computer, tablet/iPad or smart phone, and that the device is equipped with a camera, working headphones, and strong internet, in addition to a quiet place to sit

Q: Are classes 586ed?

Some classes are registered to ensure quality, no one can watch classes except the program manager.

Q: Can I watch the classes?

Not possible. Class registration is not allowed to ensure the privacy of participants, but some snapshots of classes can be shared on the Instagram page after obtaining the consent of the parents of participating students.

Q: What is the number of classes in each subscription?

A: There is no specific number of lessons in subscriptions, the types of subscriptions are multiple. Parents can choose 8 lessons per month or 12 lessons per month, or contact us to choose an appropriate number of lessons.

Q: Can I cancel the subscription after payment?

A: It is possible to cancel the subscription during the first week of paying the fees. After the end of the week, the subscription cannot be canceled, but the subscriber can freeze his subscription and reactivate it if desired.

Q: What is the subscription freeze mechanism?

A: This subscription is characterized by flexibility so that the student can freeze his subscription if he does not want to attend in order to avoid deducting the class he is absent from, knowing that the student has the right to freeze his subscription only once a month for each subscription and he can reactivate it at any time.